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Meticulously crafted original map styles that are both attractive and highly readable. Choose out of several map styles available for world maps or view all our map styles.
Example of a world map drawn in the Lucid map style


A clean, highly readable style with bright colors.
Example of a world map drawn in the Summit map style


Maps with shaded relief and natural earth coloring.
Example of a world map drawn in the Sci-fi map style


Back to the future. A unique map style with darker blue tones.
Globe to respresent more map styles are coming soon.

More to come

We are busy preparing new map styles. Stay tuned.

Available in these Projections

World map projections that are widely used online and in print by renowned organizations and cartographers. Pick your choice.
Example of a world map in Mercator projection

Mercator projection

Invented in 1569 and probably the most famous world map projection. Lots of major online mapping services are using a variant of the Mercator projection.

Example of a world map in Robinson projection

Robinson projection

Created in 1963 by Arthur H. Robinson. Various elements of the map are only slightly distorted but yet the result is an attractive map that is great for general purpose world maps.

Example of a world map in Winkel Tripel projection

Winkel Tripel projection

Developed by Oswald Winkel in 1921. Often used by National Geographic. Great for general purpose world maps. Less distortion near the poles.

Example of a world map in Miller Cylindrical projection

Miller Cylindrical projection

Osborn Maitland Miller proposed this modified Mercator projection in 1942. Great for also showing Antarctica on the bottom.

Example of a world map in Azimuthal Equidistant projection

Azimuthal Equidistant

The world in a circle. All points on the map are at correct distances and correct directions from the center point. Useful for showing airline distances, maps of the poles and much more.

Centered On

With the majority of world maps centered on the Greenwich Meridian, Europe and Africa are placed in the middle of those maps as a result. Maybe your project requires another focus area? We offer world maps centered on several key areas of our world.
Example of a world map centered on America

Centered on America

Useful when North America and South America are the subjects of the map in relation to the rest of the world. The continent of Asia is divided into two parts.

Example of a world map centered on Europe-Africa

Centered on Europe-Africa

The Greenwich Meridian defines the center of these maps. This is the most popular way to respresent a world map.

Example of a world map centered on Asia-Australia

Centered on Asia-Australia

Puts the continent of Asia and Australia in the middle of the action. Illustrates the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean. When this area is the subject, these maps are a good starting point for your mapping efforts.

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Our very affordable map bundles are making it easy to grow your map library. Pick a map bundle of your choice related to world maps or view all map bundles.
Bundle of political world maps with countries in Mercator projection