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We blend our background in graphic design together with our cartographic skills
to provide you with beautiful and accurate maps.

Free Map Updates

As the world changes, our maps do too. Have free access to all updated maps in your account.

Downloads Never Expire

Instant download your maps upon purchase. Downloads never expire and are always available in your account.

Accurate, Still Affordable

Low prices, high value. We take pride in offering high-quality accurate maps at the right price.

A truly perfect resource – beautiful maps, delightful website, wonderful staff. If you’re after accuracy and creativity, stop right here!

Ben Taylor

high-quality JPEG and non-layered PDF

Printable Maps

Meet our accurate printable maps. Drawn in various map styles (One Stop Map Original), we offer maps that could meet everyone’s desire.

A high-quality JPEG and non-layered PDF assure you always get the sharpest prints possible, no matter what size you are printing on. They are perfect to use in print design, in your latest book, as a wall map, and much more.

Use your favourite vector editing software to open the non-layered PDF file format. Change elements, remove things or add stuff to the PDF map, without compromising in quality.

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A book with a map of South America and a frame with a world map

Adobe Illustrator AI, EPS, PDF

Vector Maps

Stay in full control while editing a map.

Extensive layering makes it easy to toggle visibility and more. Named objects make finding a particular one (like a river) that much faster. Relevant objects are grouped so selecting a country area will select all areas (like islands) that belong to that country. Text is real text, with fonts used that are in public domain, or maybe already installed on your computer.

Scale your map to any size you want without compromising on quality.

A purchased map package contains several file formats, so it should be no problem editing the map in your favorite vector editing software. We do recommend you use Adobe Illustrator to get the most functionality.

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Vector map being edited on a computer in Adobe Illustrator

map the world

Map Bundles

Grow your map collection fast and even more affordable with our map bundles. A map bundle contains maps on a particular topic, offered at a strongly reduced price. Discounts can be up to 70% and more.

All bundled maps get the same advantages as individual maps. They can be downloaded separately in your account and will receive free map updates.

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Pile of maps representing our map bundle products

printable maps | vector maps

Free Maps

Looking for an accurate outline map of a country? Want to see our maps in action? You can. Just head on over to our free map section. We have free maps in every map style, free maps for every country of the world and much more. Check back regularly as we are adding free maps all the time.

Our free maps are available for download under a Creative Commons License (CC-BY). It is the most accommodating CC license available. Basically, you can use our free maps on your website, in your design, with items for resale and more. Just credit One Stop Map, and you are all set.

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Creative Commons License (CC-BY)

One Stop Map original

Map Styles

How can you make a map more readable and attractive? It is a challenge that can take time and a lot of effort to get it right. We have gone that extra mile by meticulously crafting and designing several original map styles.

Of course, you can always dial in the values that you love by using our vector maps. All objects are editable and individually selectable.

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Globes in map styles made by One Stop Map

CC-BY 4.0 | Royalty-Free | Extended


Free maps are published under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY 4.0). You can do anything with the maps (even commercially) as long as you give credit to One Stop map.

Purchased premium maps always come with a Royalty-Free License.
This license covers all your personal or commercial needs (even for resale), given that:

the map is an incidental part of your design (only required for resale)
the map/files are not shared within items/goods where they can be extracted in their original form

An extended license comes in when you want to use the map as the primary element in your design for resale (like atlases, books, wall maps, shirts). Contact us for more info about our very affordable extended license pricing.

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for personal and professional needs

Maps useful for?

Need a custom map that you can easily edit yourself? Looking for a quick location map to enhance your design? Want to learn your students some geography?

Our maps can be used to your advantage on many occasions and in a variety of industries.

Graphic Design


Web Design

Print Design

Data Visualization

Motion Graphic Design





Big Wall Maps

Maps in classroom

Personalized maps

I just wanted to say I just purchased a map and am really impressed with the quality. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for making these available!

Lynnita Weber

our insights and tips


Tune in for all kinds of stories about cartography and graphic design.

Whether you are a seasoned cartographer or just a person with an interest in all things map, we are sure we have something for you.

Things you can expect are, amongst other: inside tips, practical step-by-step tutorials, in-depth information about our map styles, general news about One Stop Map, political changes in the world, a sneak peek behind the scenes, reviews of the software we use, free stuff and more.

You won’t find an article every day. Instead, we try to focus on quality content.

Interact directly with us through the comments. We are happy if we can help you out with any questions or comments you may have.

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One Stop Map

Who we are / What we do

Graphic design and cartography, these two skills is what One Stop Map define. We have more than 20 years of experience in both fields and by combining them we are trying to make maps that are accurate, highly readable and attractive at the same time.

There are a lot of maps made every day, and a lot of good ones too. We don’t pretend our maps are the best of them all, but we do want to achieve a certain level of quality. If you have made maps before, you know it takes time to get a decent and accurate map. And that is what we did. We took our time to develop original map styles that could potentially meet your expectations of a good map.

We have plenty of free maps available in each of our map styles. We urge you to try them out and see for yourself if they can be an added value for your work.

Be sure to follow our blog, where we go into more detail about several aspects of the world of cartography. We are not sparsely with our insights and are happy to share anything that can be an asset for you or your work.

Let our maps be the starting point to make your best work yet.

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