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Two new styles: Formal and Naturalist

Here at One Stop Map we have started 2019 with a bang by introducing two new styles: Formal and Naturalist. We will be slowly expanding the number of maps offered in these styles but for now there are 3 world maps and 6 continent maps available in Formal, plus 3 world maps in Naturalist.


Formal is inspired by modern atlases, it has a lighter look than our other pure-vector regional map style Lucid.

Formal style

The world maps that are offered at first are all in Robinson projection, with the Europe-facing one centered on Florence rather than Greenwich (read about why we do that in our blog post on Prime Meridians)

Browse all our Formal-style maps.


Naturalist is a big step forward for us! Inspired by the phyiscal atlas maps we looked at when we were kids it features both bathymetry (ocean depths) and hypsometry (land elevations) as vector layers. This means they scale better than the raster backgrounds used on the Summit-style maps and recoloring them, if you purchase the editable version of a map, will be easier.

Detail of Naturalist style

As with the Formal maps, the first set of 3 world maps in this style is in Robinson projection and the Europe-facing one is centered on Florence.

See all our Naturalist style maps.

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