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Benefits of opening an account in our store

Did you make a purchase in the past without making an account? Want to transfer these purchases into a new account? No problem, just follow our quick and easy directions.

Do you know that with One Stop Map, it is possible to create an account in our map store?
One Stop Map is a start-up store for printable and editable vector maps. The store gives you an opportunity to purchase printed maps at a relatively cheap price.

After making a purchase, it is now possible to open an account on our online store. Failing to do this means you would only be leaving the store as a guest and this means that you would not be a partaker of the various benefits that accrue to people who register on our site.

You do not have to be a purchaser before you open an account and the signing up process is very easy.

There are various advantages of registering on our site. These are:

Your Downloads are always available

The first advantage of registering on our site is that you would always have access to your map downloads anytime you need it. Our downloads don’t expire! This is because we believe that the digital files you purchased are yours and so registering on our site will make the files easily accessible to you anytime you need it. By logging in to your account, you can easily download any file you have purchased in the past. This means that you do not need to store these files in your local drive any longer and your maps can be accessible to you anytime, anywhere.

Maps are updated for free

Another advantage of registering on our site is that your maps are always updated for free and they can be retrieved from the account if they have been purchased before the changes occurred. Our world is evolving continually. As changes occur in the world we live in, so do changes occur on our maps. A few weeks ago we made changes to the map of India. A new state, Telangana was born in India. Our maps of India now show the most current situation of state borders in India. If you have purchased a map of India in the past, this map update would arrive for free in the account you have created. You just need to re-download the particular map and would have the latest version of it.

So buying at One Stop Map means you have updated maps at all time. Isn’t that awesome? We think so.

We made a new tab available on the product page. When you look at the map of India, you will notice there is a tab there ‘Map Revision History’. There you will find all updates that were made to this map.

Download invoices

Another great advantage of opening an account on our site is that you get access to invoices that are downloadable. When you create an account with us, you will not only get your map and its update in your account, we have also provided an easy workflow to retrieve your paperwork. All invoices of every purchase are always accessible in your account.

If you have made up your mind to become a partaker of these benefits by registering on our site, then all you need to do is to follow this link and register it yourself. We run discounts at all times and only those who are registered on our site receive these updates in their mailbox.

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