Map of World political shaded relief high detail Mercator Europe-Africa centered

Highly detailed world map in Mercator projection, centered on Europe-Africa, with a beatiful shaded relief (12000 pixels wide!) in the background.
This map shows countries, capitals, cities, rivers, geographic lines, grid lines, lakes and state-provinces for Australia, Canada, and the US.


Highly detailed world map Europe-Africa centered Mercator projection with shaded relief in the back. For your convenience, we have upgraded the shaded relief on this map to be 12000 pixels wide instead of the usual 6000 pixels. Now you can really blow this map to a huge size. This map shows countries, capitals, cities, rivers, geographic lines, grid lines, lakes and state-provinces for Australia, Canada, and the US.

Each layer is divided into several sublayers for easy management. Cities are divided into capitals, admin-1 capitals (for Australia, Canada, and the US) and six scale ranks. The scale ranks are not based on the actual population size of a city. There is no up-to-date data available for this. Instead, we chose to divide the cities into scale ranks based on their importance in their local neighborhood. This is a much more relevant approach for a quality world map. Rivers and lakes are each divided into six scale ranks. It’s easy to make your map show only those rivers/lakes you’re interested in.

The map has been drawn in our map style Summit and Adobe Illustrator graphic styles are provided for every element. Via the Illustrator character styles palette you can easily change the size of the text without breaking the Summit map style.

This map comes in a printable version and an editable vector version. The printable option includes two file formats: XL resolution JPEG photo and PDF. The JPEG is extremely large: 20 in (60 cm) wide – 300dpi. The PDF is non-layered, has no editable text, but is scalable to any size without loss of quality. The vector option will get you a vector map that is extensively layered, editable and accurate. A vector map can easily be scaled up or down to any size you want without loss of quality. Every map feature is selectable and editable. The text is real text. File formats included are AI and PDF (JPEG XL resolution also included).

As part of our support when you buy this map, you can always contact us to retrieve yet another file format. Be sure to create an account upon purchase of this map. You will be entitled to free lifetime map updates, so your world map stays up-to-date no matter what. This vector world map comes with a royalty-free license. It means you can use it for personal and commercial use.

World map, Mercator projection

Additional information

Dimension JPEG

20 in (60 cm) wide – 300 dpi

Dimension Vector

60 x 41 in (152 x 105 cm) – scalable to any size you want


City point capital admin-1, City point capital country, City point rank 1, City point rank 2, City point rank 3, City point rank 4, City point rank 5, City point rank 6, Coastline, Country area, Country boundary line, Geographic lines, Grid, Lake rank 1, Lake rank 2, Lake rank 3, Lake rank 4, Lake rank 5, Lake rank 6, Legend, Name city capital, Name city capital admin-1, Name city rank 1, Name city rank 2, Name city rank 3, Name city rank 4, Name city rank 5, Name city rank 6, Name country, Name geographic lines, Name ocean, Name river rank 1, Name river rank 2, Name river rank 3, Name sea-bay-gulf-channel, River rank 1, River rank 2, River rank 3, River rank 4, River rank 5, River rank 6, Sea area, Shaded relief (image), State-province area Australia, State-province area Canada, State-province area USA, State-province boundary line Australia, State-province boundary line Canada, State-province boundary line USA



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