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Map of World political shaded relief high detail Mercator Europe-Africa centered

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20 in (60 cm) wide – 300 dpi

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60 x 41 in (152 x 105 cm) – scalable to any size you want


City point capital admin-1, City point capital country, City point rank 1, City point rank 2, City point rank 3, City point rank 4, City point rank 5, City point rank 6, Coastline, Country area, Country boundary line, Geographic lines, Grid, Lake rank 1, Lake rank 2, Lake rank 3, Lake rank 4, Lake rank 5, Lake rank 6, Legend, Name city capital, Name city capital admin-1, Name city rank 1, Name city rank 2, Name city rank 3, Name city rank 4, Name city rank 5, Name city rank 6, Name country, Name geographic lines, Name ocean, Name river rank 1, Name river rank 2, Name river rank 3, Name sea-bay-gulf-channel, River rank 1, River rank 2, River rank 3, River rank 4, River rank 5, River rank 6, Sea area, Shaded relief (image), State-province area Australia, State-province area Canada, State-province area USA, State-province boundary line Australia, State-province boundary line Canada, State-province boundary line USA



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Customer Reviews

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Rich L
Exactly what I needed

I’m creating memorial videos for some deceased family members, including a view of their movements from country to country. This map fit the bill perfectly. Especially nice was the ability to edit the map using Illustrator to be more meaningful to this situation. There was a minor issue with the download, but Koen immediately provided a workaround to get me past that. Thank you!

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