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Printable Maps | Vector Maps

We offer digital maps in two options: printable and editable vector format.
Each of these options has its own characteristics, and they come in several file formats.
Find out more in detail below.

Printable Map

High-quality JPEG and non-layered PDF.
With a high-quality JPEG and non-layered PDF you can be sure to always get the sharpest prints possible, no matter what size you need. Use our printable maps in print design, in your new book, as a wall map in the classroom, and much more.


6000 pixels wide

Pixels Conversion to 300 dpi
6000 px 1.66 feet (300 dpi)
6000 px 20 inch
6000 px 0.508 meter (300 dpi)
6000 px 50.8 centimeter (300 dpi)
  • Use in your favorite software
  • Send to printing company or print it yourself
  • Add your custom logo or other stuff
  • Incorporate in your design
  • Large adds need only 100dpi

PDF (non-layered)

Scale to any size you want without losing quality.
This PDF is a vector file. You can scale it to any size you want without losing quality. Editing this PDF is possible though limited due to the nature of the file: no layers and text is outlined.
You can open this PDF in Adobe Illustrator and select/edit all objects. But if you need to make lots of edits it is probably better to go for the layered vector option.

  • Vector File
  • Scalable to any size you want
  • Compatible with most software
  • Small edits are doable
  • Incorporate in your design
Scaling a non-layered PDF with a ‘Shaded Relief’ (bitmap/photo layer) is limited to the quality of the relief: 6000 px wide.

Vector Map

Adobe Illustrator AI, EPS and PDF.
Stay in full control while editing a map.


Fully layered

Layers make it easy to navigate the maps. All objects, where applicable, have names. It is easy to select a particular country, city and much more. Just click on the object with the appropriate name and you are done.


Scalable to any size

Vector Maps are perfect when you need to zoom in or scale. They stay crisp and clear at any size.


Edit any way you want

All objects are selectable. Give them your colors, stroke, special effects and much more. Text is real text. You are only limited by the graphic software you use. We recommend Adobe Illustrator.


File Formats

Upon purchase of a vector map, you get following file formats: Adobe Illustrator CS3 AI, Adobe Illustrator CS3 EPS, Adobe PDF layered, Adobe PDF non layered and JPEG XL (6000px wide @300dpi). You can always contact us if you need another file format. We are glad if we can help you out..

Main Features

Instant download, free map updates, downloads that don’t expire, easy licensing and more. Try-out are free maps and see if our maps can be an asset for your current project.

Free Map Updates

The political world is changing constantly: country borders are changing, provinces appear/disappear, new capitals are formed, cities get another name and more.
We try to stay ahead of these changes by updating our maps regularly. As our customer, you are entitled to free lifetime updates to every change in your maps. This way you are sure you can work with the most accurate map at all times.
For this to work you need to create an account upon purchase. By logging in you can retrieve the latest version of your maps in your account. If you did not create an account, we can do it for you.

Downloads Never Expire

Once bought, always yours. We take care in keeping a copy of your maps always available in your account. Just log-in and grab the ones you need that moment.

Original Map Styles

Many hours go into crafting our map styles (One Stop Map original). Each map style is specifically designed to meet certain goals.
Map style Defined for instance is perfect for maps that need to highlight certain areas on the map like a country.
Map style Summit is all about attractive, vibrant coloring, to make your maps stand out.
Summit is one of our other map styles and is developed to have maps with shaded relief that is full of life and colorful and yet all elements on top of it are perfectly readable.
Meet our original map styles.

Accurate Maps

We strive to have our maps as accurate and up-to-date as they can be. Our promise to you is that we are doing everything we can to stay on top of political changes in the world and that we are drawing the maps with an eye for detail, both in how they look and what they represent.
The majority of our maps is being produced using the Natural Earth geographic datasets, a collaborative effort of many leading cartographers.

Map Bundles

A very attractive way to grow your own map collection.
With discounts of 70% and more you can easily obtain a lot of maps around a particular subject. Whether you need country maps, continent maps, world maps, we have something in store for you.
Even better, the maps purchased in a bundle get the same treatment as individual maps, including free map updates and downloads that never expire.
Map bundles become available as we add new maps to our map store.

Instant Download

Our store is open 24/7. Upon purchase you receive a mail with download links to the maps you bought. No need to wait, start working with our maps instantly.


Our free maps are available under a Creative Commons License (CC-BY). Just credit One Stop Map on your design and you are good to go.
Our premium maps always come with a very generous royalty-free license. You are entitled to use our maps in any situation, both for personal and commercial needs.
For resale, there is one thing to consider. If the map is more than an incidental part of your design, you should apply for an affordable extended license. Contact us to purchase such a license.
You can’t, in any scenario, distribute our maps in a way that the map/files can be extracted in their original form.
More info about our licenses.

30 Day Refund

Try our products risk-free. If somehow they don’t live up to your expectations you can get a full refund up till 30 days of your original purchase date.
Follow our four easy steps, no questions asked.

Free Maps

Try before you buy! See for yourself if our maps can be an asset in your ongoing project. Be confident and know what you get when you are buying a premium map. We have free maps available in each of our map styles.
Maybe our free maps are all you need to nail your current project. Good for you. You can use those free maps even commercially and for resale, as long as you credit One Stop Map.
We have a lot of free maps available in our store, and the catalog is always growing. So check back regularly or follow us by subscribing to our newsletter, twitter feed, facebook page and more.

Support Done Right

We invite you to try us out. We take pride in providing fast and personal support. Ask us anything, if we can help you out, we will.
Need another file format? Want some minor modifications to an existing map? Maybe need a shaded relief of higher quality? Have technical questions about editing a map? Looking for a map that is not yet in our store? Having trouble accessing your account or maybe you want to create one? Give us a call, use our contact form, tweet, leave a message on Facebook or Google+, use the way you prefer to get in touch with us.

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