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License policy premium (paid) maps

Royalty-Free License

This is the standard license you receive when purchasing a map from our site.


Use our maps in personal and commercial projects not for resale. These projects can include but are not limited to print media, promotional material and advertising, posters, t-shirt designs, merchandise and so on.
For resale, it is allowed to use the maps within a wider design. The map should have a small and incidental part of the design.

Not allowed:

Share the maps/files directly or within items/goods where they can be extracted in their original form.
Share the maps with others. This is a single user license. Please contact us to enquire about multi-user licenses.
Use maps within designs/products for resale where the map is the primary element, such as shirts, posters, wall maps, atlases or any other product where the map is prominent and other elements are incidental.

Contact us if you have any doubt whether your intended use of our maps is covered with our royalty-free license.

Extended License

Use our maps as the primary element in items for resale.

Contact us for more info about our affordable extended licenses.

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